...to the opportunities of life

...to one another

...to the world

Hearing is about

It all depends on what signals
the Profession is sending…

hearing care?
Hearing Care Yesterday Versus Today

…was about patching connections after they’d worn.

Yesterday’s hearing care…

… is about KEEPING
our connection strong
and constant.

Today’s hearing care…
Hear to stay…

But which one do your own products and services symbolise?

not fade away
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Confusion leads to indecision




Society needs clear and unambiguous direction from a profession
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By participating in Audira you are agreeing to abide by these Guidelines for Participation to ensure Audira's open and transparent spirit, and that all discussions and contributions are carried out in a non-partisan, non-confrontational way.

Be Considerate

We are working together to realise a future that we may have to live with. So always consider the impact your words and actions will have on others, both in the present and in the future.

Be Respectful

Participants bring with them their own unique perspective and experiences. Sometimes you may not agree with someone. Sometimes you may even get frustrated when someone won't see your point of view. But never let this get the better of you; remember to respect them and demonstrate this with good manners and good behaviour. Audiramust remain an environment where everyone feels comfortable participating without feeling threatened or demeaned. Remember, our words are on display to the world.

Be Collaborative

The underlying principles of Audira is openness and transparency. There is no place within Audira for hidden agendas, ulterior motives or selfish ambition. We must be prepared to work together towards the greater objective, even if we find ourselves collaborating with people we might normally seek to avoid in other circumstances; it is the ideas that are important, not the personalities behind them. Working together means allowing others to modify our ideas, or finding the good in the ideas of others and improving on them.

Be Objective

Most people are protective of their own ideas, philosophies and perspectives. Sometimes this means that we cannot see the value in another's ideas, particularly if it doesn't fit in with our own. Participation means being prepared to step back and see it from each other's points of view. Before disagreeing with something, work out where your own motives are coming from and ask how valid they are.

Be Constructive

If you do disagree with someone, or believe they have missed the point, first look for the common ground. If you do need to disagree, you must be able to explain clearly why you disagree and offer an alternative.

Be Relevant

Finally, remember what Audira is about. Ask yourself whether your contribution is "on topic" and whether it is in keeping with the Aims of Audira

We look forward to working alongside you!